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I started at CrossFit Stormbreaker just over 7 years ago after a dark time in my life. I was 59 and needed a focus. I’d never done any formal exercise and wanted to try and lead a healthier lifestyle and get fit.The welcome I got when first walking through the door was just what I needed, accepting and non-judgemental so I signed up for some beginner’s sessions.The workouts looked terrifying, but I found out that they can be adapted or scaled to your individual needs or abilities.I find CrossFit very empowering. I’m an almost 67 year old woman but I feel as strong as someone 20 years younger and this gives me confidence in my everyday life.The athletes at CrossFit Stormbreaker come in all shapes ages and sizes. It is a very inclusive gym. Everyone is welcomed and accepted regardless of anything. It is a funny, compassionate and respectful place to workout. There is never a day goes by when we don’t have a laugh. I LOVE it, it makes me feel young and current. Yes, I’m a bit slow at times but who cares, notices or gives a hoot? Nobody because we are all there for one reason and that’s to be a better version of ourselves. I couldn’t recommend it enough


Where do I start….
I would like to consider myself an active person I enjoy walking, running etc but I have always struggled with the gym.
I was first introduced to CrossFit Stormbreaker by Leah she was attending for a few month and absolutely loved it, talked so highly.

I was intrigued but I never knew what to expect was very apprehensive about going but pushed myself to take the plunge anyway, after losing our mum I needed something to put all that emotion into.
Was the best thing I’ve ever done not only because of my love of CrossFit (even if my face don’t say it) but the sense of family/friendship that comes with it.

The encouragement… and  the grief you get is just everything you want. I personally struggle getting to CrossFit with work commitments, it maybe a month until I find myself able to go to a class but the moment you step through them doors it’s like you’ve never been away. CrossFit Stormbreaker has been an amazing support to me and the sisters personally and I will forever be thankful amazing coaches and amazing members wouldn't want to be anywhere else .

P.s I still hate burpees


I came to CrossFit Stormbreaker with no self confidence and little self esteem in 2020. All 3 of my sisters encouraged me to join singing the praises of how supportive & welcoming Kate, Bill and the other the team members are.

They weren’t wrong.

I’ve struggled to fit in with other fitness groups through the years but I feel like I’ve found my place with Stormbreaker. They encourage me to push myself, but never beyond my limits, they see in others what we can’t see in ourselves, they know what we’re capable of before we do! I’m so grateful for their support, on the days where I struggle I know I can turn to them for the motivation I need to get me back in the box and walking out feeling on top of the world and proud of my accomplishments!

Thanks for everything guys. You are bloody awesome and I hope you realise it


I’m a bigger than average girl and have always avoided gyms, I’ve had PTs, Bootcamp classes, swimming sessions but nothing has given me motivation to continue week in week out, my confidence would always get the better of me.

I joined Stormbreaker in July 2020 and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I made for my health both physical and mental, we as a family have had a very tough year and generally would shut away from the world but coming to the sessions and have the support of Kate, Bill and all the coaches and members is what keeps us going.

The sessions can be scaled to suit your abilities, like I say I’m a bigger than average girl who couldn’t do 2 burpees in a row when I joined, but slowly and surely I’ve gained strength and confidence to reach some of my goals - I have many more I want to achieve and will look forward to achieving them with Stormbreaker Help


7 years ago I sat in the dark in my car watching people working out at CrossFit Workington (the original name of CrossFit Stormbreaker) as it was then , my anxiety watching the athletes was so high I almost didn’t go in , then saw an older lady swinging a kettlebell and decided there and then if she can so can I ! That lady is now one of my best CrossFit buddies
I completed a group, 4 week fundamental class which took us through all the basic movements so we could perform the exercises safely and with good form .
As difficult as it was to a non “sporty” person that i was when it came to the barbell work it was love at first lift , and to this day it’s the foundation of the best parts of my day .
After me raving about it for a few months my husband decided to have an ON-RAMP and see what the fuss was all about . He rapidly signed up and has worked out side by side with me whenever he isn’t away at sea .
The family love affair with CrossFit didn’t stop there as our two kids have practically been raised at the box and started taking kids classes as soon as they were introduced . Our teenage daughter then started attending the teen weightlifting classes and like her mum fell in love with the barbell , gradually she started attending the main classes and is now a fully-fledged member of the box, while our 10 year old is looking forward to the kids classes starting again .
CrossFit Stormbreaker isn’t just a place to go exercise , it’s a community that has grown and flourished over the years , it has supported us and all the other members over the lockdown, creating ways for us to meet virtually doing quizzes , bake offs and zoom kettlebell and CrossFit classes. It made such a difference in what was such a difficult time for everyone.
Kate and Bill have created a space where we all get to shine and flourish in our own ways as well as focus on our fitness and wellbeing as a family . It doesn’t matter who you are , where your fitness level currently sits or what disability you may have you would be made welcome and the workouts adapted to your abilities .
Stormbreaker literally changed the course of my life and I’ll be forever grateful that I found the courage to walk in that dark September night in 2014 .