It should be noted all these different classes can be participated in by anyone of any ability, shape, fitness or age. We welcome you down just to come and give it a try.

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Crossfit®/ WOD

Our CrossFit® classes or “WODs” (Workout Of the Day) are performed in a group setting at various times throughout the day. There will always be a time to suit you and your schedule. Each class is led by an experienced coach who will ensure the classes run smoothly and safely. EVERY movement we do is scalable to you and your current level of ability – it’s the coaches job to provide you with scaling’s, and, when you visibly improve, reduce that scaling to be closer to the intended movement – making sure that you are constantly improving and getting better.



Gymnastic exercises improve physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, co-ordination, balance and control. We believe that all our athletes should have a good basic grounding in the gymnastic movements. The skill transfer to the weightlifting and cardio aspects of CrossFit® is immense. A specialist class ensures time can be spent on perfecting your gymnastic skills to make your CrossFit® classes that little bit easier.

WEight Lifting

Weightlifting is a technical sport in its own right. So, its only fitting that we have a dedicated class to help you get better at it! Breaking down every aspect of a movement, making sure you are in the right position and that you can move efficiently can only make you better, right? Concentrating on the two Olympic lifts but not forgetting the other lifts and the accessory work will only carry over into a lot more aspects of your regular CrossFit® class

Strong People


Our Strong People classes look at the specifics of traditional “Strongman” training. Moving odd objects, moving heavy objects is a skill that requires more training and practice than you think! Why? Because nine times out of ten – you will be required to lift something oddly shaped or heavy, in real life. If you have been shown how to lift those things, in a controlled environment, safely – then you will be better armed to lift those paving slabs in your gardening project! When your friend asks you to help lift something heavy, rarely will it be shaped like a barbell or kettlebell! This class will show you how to lift and move safely and its affects will carry over into your classes as well as your everyday life


Our mobility class will get your joints moving in ways that you have forgotten about. Everybody has the flexibility to move their joints in all of the directions nature intended, but everyday life, desk jobs, driving and our sedentary lifestyles has meant that our joints have “forgotten” some of the movements they were born with. Our mobility classes teach those joints how to move again. A mobile, flexible body will not only make you healthier, not only allow you to do more healthier activities but it will keep you safe whilst you do them.



We have qualified coaches that can help you on your journey by providing you with help and advice regarding your nutrition. We can help you lose ‘fat weight’, we can help you figure out your food intake, your ‘fuel’, to make sure you get the full benefits out of your exercise and we can help you gain weight if that’s what you need to do. But it will be done in a safe, stable way that wont mean you “yo yo diet” or give up and go back to your old ways


Calisthenics are exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own bodyweight. These exercises allow for the development of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Terms that have been mentioned throughout these pages. Using your body as it was intended is a fantastic way of using your fitness to explore exactly what you are capable of – whilst getting fitter and stronger at the same time