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We have 10 incredibly passionate coaches who love to teach and guide people through their classes.

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Kate Jarvis

Co-owner CF-L2

I’ve been into fitness for the past 15+ years, After a doctor’s prescription to go and find an exercise class for one hour a week for ‘me time’,  with Two very young children at home and the loss of both parents that hour in the week was much needed escapism.

I wanted to encourage as many other people to realise their potential and enjoy fitness in whatever form it took for them, for whatever reason, for that hour away to themselves. If I could do it anybody could.

I’ve been a personal trainer now for 12 years and a fitness instructor for 15. I’ve been on various different courses throughout my career from boxing, Running, Boot Camp, weightlifting, MMA, circuits, Kettlebells, pre-and post natal. My fitness passion finally took me into CrossFit, for the past seven years I have been a CrossFit instructor getting my level 2 qualifications with various other CF add-on courses completed. I love learning new fitness methodologies.

I love seeing people improve, get fitter and stronger, I love seeing them reach their goals, I love encouraging and hopefully inspiring them.
I hate Overhead squats with a passion, Deadlifts are my favourite movement.

Bill Moore

Co-owner CF-L2

Started CrossFit after a friend told me to go, so I could learn how to do a “thruster” for a competition! Fell in love with the ethos and the community side of the place. Got my CF-L1 and got thrown in the deep end. Found that I loved standing in front of the white board, the continual learning and wanting to be better for those stood in front of me gave me a new lease of life. Got some more certifications and then the opportunity arose to go into partnership and co-own CrossFit Stormbreaker.

Took the plunge and never looked back.

Some more certifications and qualifications for nutrition and mobility has kept me on my toes and I still look forward to walking through the door every day! Why? Because every day I get to see a “spark” in at least one of the athletes that walk through that same door – a realisation that they can lift more, that the time spent practising has paid off, that the movement they couldn't do last year has “clicked” or that their times/weights/rep count has gotten bigger/better/faster. An amazing position to be in that I am grateful for every time I see it. Hoping to keep learning, keep getting better!Least fave “move” – MU Fave “move” – Not necessarily a move, but any workout that requires mental strength to get through.

Matthew Messenger


I’m Matt, I’ve been training at CrossFit StormBreaker for about 5 years.  In that time, I’ve gained my CrossFit level coaching qualification, CrossFit gymnastics qualification and British weightlifting level 1 qualification.

I initially came to CrossFit on the recommendation of a friend.  I’ve always been active, playing rugby as a youngster and then doing a bit of cycling and circuit training in my early to mid 20s.  I’d never touched weights etc. so I was a bit worried initially to try it, but the combination of cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting CrossFit offers, got me interested.  I’ve never looked back since I started, there’s so much variety and things to work on and try to improve that I’m never bored and always looking forward to what the next week has. That coupled with training in a group environment and being part of a community make working out, really enjoyable.

Coaching has really made me focus on understanding the different movements CrossFit requires, breaking them down so that I can help each member of the gym understand the movements too and leave each session knowing that little bit more and performing the movements that little bit better, which is what it’s all about for me, leaving the gym that little bit better than when you walked in, whatever your goal.

Favourite lift is the overhead squat, least favourite lift is the deadlift! Favourite movement is anything that involves the Olympic Rings

Liam tibbs


Initially, the reason I got in to CrossFit was aesthetics (shallow - yes, but that’s most young lads dreams), but as life moves on, priorities change. 

The importance of moving better, having better mobility so I can carry on keeping fit without injury (both inside and outside the box) is up there with my top priorities. 

Qualifications I’ve gained since coaching at Stormbreaker include the CrossFit L1, British Weightlifting Level 1 and the CrossFit certified gymnastics. As frustrating as coaching is sometimes, the rewards far outweigh those frustrations.

Favourite CrossFit movement: Burpee
Most hated CrossFit movement: Thruster 

Andy tunstall

Calisthenics coach

I have always had a passion for martial arts, ever since I was a kid. After training in jiujitsu for a few years, I heard about this Israeli martial art called ‘Krav Maga’. After giving it a go, I instantly fell in love with it.  At the time, I was 14.5 stone and struggled to do 5 push-ups. I wanted to be the best I could and to do that, I needed to get fitter.

I trained as often as I could and using Krav Maga as my motivation (along with some amazing support!), I got fitter and stronger and whilst training for Krav Maga, developed a newfound passion for fitness.

I didn’t like spending time in the gym sat on machines pumping iron, so a lot of my training was bodyweight movements like push-ups and burpees. During my training I discovered ‘Calisthenics’. I was in awe at the guys and girls who could pull themselves effortlessly up and over a bar. Who could hold their body horizontal in a ‘human flag’. I wanted to be able to do these things and incorporated more Calisthenics into my training. I became much fitter and stronger than I ever thought I would.

A few years later, I qualified as a Krav Maga Instructor and also as a personal trainer specialising in bodyweight and Calisthenics training. I have been teaching for around 7 years now and still absolutely love it.

Sarah Thornthwaite


I started CrossFit in 2018 after getting bored of going to the same gym classes and seeing little progress. CrossFit Stormbreaker were holding a free taster session so I went along with a friend and was hooked from the start. I loved the motivational and encouraging atmosphere and soon started to see progress in weightlifting, cardio and other gymnastic movements, some that I'd never tried before. I also found a new love for lifting heavy and being a strong woman! 

Fast forward to 3 years later I decided to do the CrossFit Level 1 course to learn more about the CrossFit Methodology and start my journey as a CrossFit Trainer under the supportive eyes of Kate and Bill. I enjoy helping people learn new skills and realise their potential.

Fave Move – Squat Clean

Least Fave Move – Toes to Bar

James Mcallister


I've been at CrossFit Stormbreaker since 2018,started because I fancied a new challenge and was interested after one of my brothers had been coming for a year or so before me.

I've been hooked since that first session and haven't been able to get enough! I love the community spirit that’s a part of CrossFit and how it encourages you to keep learning and developing new skills. I completed my CrossFit Level 1 course in 2019 and have been part of the training team since then.
Again, this is something I've loved being a part of, helping others to progress and pushing myself to become better.
Fave Move – Pull Ups
Least Fave Move – Squat Snatch

Matthew Wells

Weightlifting coach

I started weightlifting at the age of 15 at the Haven Gym in Grimsby and have competed in weightlifting comps all over the country. I am now a weightlifting coach at CrossFit Stormbreaker.

My main passion now is gymnastics, alongside weightlifting.  I also have a keen interest in flexibility, mobility and movement practices, which I implement into my own training and utilise in my classes.

My fave movement is the handstand.
My least fave is the dreaded thruster!

Maisie nash


I have always loved sports, growing up running, cycling and surfing. My short attention span and desire of variety meant I slowly became a kind of ‘jack of all trades, but master of none’.  After a relatively long stint in endurance running and triathlons, I found my passion for weightlifting and functional exercise. I became a Reebok Advanced Instructor (Les Mills GRIT) in 2017, teaching functional based strength and conditional classes across multiple gyms. Despite being slightly nervous about the CrossFit ‘cult’ I walked into my first CrossFit Box in late 2018.

I immediately realised that the CrossFit stereotypes are largely misconceptions, and that the community spirit and inclusiveness, makes it an amazing environment to train. As a naturally competitive person I started taking part in team and later individual competitions.

Wanting to continue my passion for coaching, I gained my CrossFit Level 1 in August 2021 and am currently finishing my Precision Nutrition Level 1. I enjoy working with members of all abilities, especially those new to CrossFit (or weight training in general). I’m a scientist by day, so love to geek out on all things related nutrition and movement!

Favourite lift: The Clean & Jerk
Favourite movement: Controversial, but probably the burpee
Least favourite movement? Box jumps!!!

dean heagarty


I’m from Workington, went to Southfield, when it was still standing, and went on to study Physiology and Pharmacology at Uni. My background after that is as a Biology teacher before I moved on to something less stressful!!I started CrossFit in 2018.

Before that I was playing rugby league and being bored to death in a largely ineffectual gym routine. When my rugby side was clearly going to fold, I asked James about CrossFit and he sorted me a taster session. From then I was hooked, onramp a couple days later.

From then it went quickly from 2 sessions per week to a 5 days per week, full time obsession!! I love the continuous improvement, the weight loss and most importantly the amazing community and laughs to be had at CF Stormbreaker!

All of this, and a want to be more involved in helping everyone else enjoy themselves and get better, lead me to go for my CF level 1, to allow me to coach.

Favourite CF movement- Deadlifts (obviously)
Least favourite CF movement- HSPU (also, obviously)